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A Mother's Day Tribute

Mom was there.

From the first breath that you took, to the first step, the the dirtiest diaper to the raunchiest sickness.

Mom was there.

For the most part we live our lives, we make our choices, but we know despite our choices, despite ourselves Mom will always be the one we can talk to. No matter how old we get, Mom is still just a phone call away, and you are still her baby. It doesn't matter if your a wall street banker or a Delta Force combat veteran, you will always have a place to come back. Arms that will never tire of holding their baby. Mom.

God gives you multiple friends, mentors and even a spouse. But you will only ever have one Mom. Take the time, no matter where your at, to let your Mom know she made the world of difference. You only get one and you only have so much time.

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