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What we Protect

growing up we dont know what we dont know, were along for the ride, victims of circumstance. Until that magical age is upon us where we look into the face of the world and the world back into ours and suddenly we are someone. But what have we inherited? culturally, physically, spiritually, many inherit poor mindsets, whims, disciplines and self thought. Being a victim of circumstance is not your fault, yet, It is every Adults responsibility to unpack the items handed to you at that age. The way you think, your attitude toward uncertainty, to find what you don't know. Those items are often perceptions or reputations, defense and coping mechanisms of another life we never got to have a say in. View yourself through different lenses and dare to ask why, and then WHAT. The Why matters, and henceforth the fingers stop being pointed and what we have in the wake of understanding is the possibility of change, of progress. You take the reigns of your life. You become responsible. You have the power to build. When we deny our own empowerment through the eyes of victimhood, When we fail to re-imagine our own standards All we Protect is our own victim Image, we protect our own downfalls.

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