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Vision: Building a Dream

Many people everyday wake up in a hurry, scuttle out of bed to a coffee maker, hurry through traffic to end up at their work center once more. They cruise to get their hustle on. Do their jobs, and get their money. My challenge question for you today is; what are you doing with this time? When each hour of the day is determined by a dollar amount per hour what are you doing to invest in that dollar amount going up? That's right I used the word "invest". To note I'm not just talking about open market stock or mutual fund "investments". An investment could be as little as you purchasing information and therefore investing in your own education and knowledge. Further and maybe a more direct question would be is, where are you going? what are you doing what you're doing? Is it so that one day you own a house? a car? some land or even a small business? What is your vision for your life? You were born with a gift. Something that naturally you are inclined for, that you practice on a daily basis as if you were born to do it and I guarantee you do this something better than someone who would study to do it as a job. This is your calling. Whatever you have a natural inclination to do I bet there is a job, or a service to help someone get there, and make you a living. When you build your vision, your dream around your calling this is when you've hit your gold vein in life. You will wake up with zest, you will want to invest to better yourself at your calling, and you will make a living. You don't have to be unhappy going to a dead end job making someone else loads of money. You can become more of who you are, and in turn provide a real service to your society. Be kind, and be the best you as you can be for there is only one.

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