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There is never a good time to wait to start living

Everyone has goals that they want to achieve in life.

So many in fact people become restless and stressed when they wake up one day and suddenly non of these "goals" have come true.

I want a huge house with a swimming pool, I want to produce my own music, I want to have all of my credit cards paid off.

When we talk to people around us, and we talk about these "goals".

What do we tell them?

Has anyone ever asked you,

what are you doing to be able to purchase your dream house?

What are you doing to pay off your credit cards?

In general...

WHAT is your PLAN?

We may want allot out of life, but the main derivative that separates the go-getters, the self starters and the motivated from the people who only "want" is that people who carry these characteristics HAVE A PLAN...

I would recommend only starting with one goal, choose the goal you want more than anything else, because that may be the very thing that takes everything else in order to get it. Your time and energy, your money, your sleep, these things are secondary to this one goal.

Next come up with a plan of attack.

If its college, know your schools, get to know yourself to find out what you want to learn, find scholarships and funding offers everything to scholarship information to college reviews, once your admitted let nothing deter you and just do it!

If its to lose 20 lbs, write it down, look up articles know what your eating every day, know when your working out every day, know what your body fat to muscle ratio is, take photos and measurements. Then get to it.

When your sites are set, set your sites on an accurate target don't shoot yourself in the foot by oversimplifying or puffing yourself up with pride, acknowledge your goal is going to take allot of work, but also know you have what it takes to achieve any goal you set for yourself.



no matter how hard it gets,

have to have the faith

in You

In Your plan

achieve your goal

Thanks for reading guys

I want to create an environment where people acknowledge their goals as well as potential and receive beneficial information to help attain them!

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