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Taking The Time to Think

Staying on track can be hard. Sometimes when life decides to throw us so many curve balls we lose track of what it is we choose to do what we do and the big picture of WHY we do it.

My car broke down, my computer crashed, my dog pooped on the floor, I got into a fight with my spouse. These things can be devastating and in a moment of weakness we can lose sight of our vision.


in life worth building

is built

over a lifetime.

This includes habits.

My challenge for you is this. Before you act. Think. Before you react. Think.

Is this what I want for my life and how I am about to act or what I think I have to say going to bring me closer to my goals?

My spouse harshly criticizes me for not untying my shoes after a long morning jog. Now being tired and light headed it is easy for me to snap back.

But really

his point is right. Think.

If I don't untie my shoes and get into the habit of slipping them off they will break down at a faster rate than if I took care of them. I might not like my ego being slapped up coming through the door, feeling as though I'm being criticized,


when I think where I want my relationship to be.

When I think of our goals (right now to save money to invest).

As well as I consider the overall health of our relationship.

I ask myself what is his intent? it wasn't to insult me. Therefore reply respectfully and comply. Maybe talk to him later if something he said did in fact hurt my feelings. More aspects to consider.

Why am I feeling like I need to defend myself?

Do I want our children to talk back to my husband?

What is the standard of our relationship? if he cant talk to me about my shoes, what else am I cutting him off from communicating with me in fear of my temper? I can talk to my husband later when my adrenaline isn't at 120 mph and my heart rate is down

Practice every day something small this way. Before you react. Think.. Same with work, or any other situation, often times we do not have to react right then and there. We can take time to cool down, maul through a situation off deck and come back to it with a fresh mind, and heart. Gather more information, ask questions, talk to someone behind closed doors. Before criticizing others try to understand them.

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