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Money Vs. People

We hold ourselves to high regard.

We set out daily to fine tune a routine that will undoubtedly lead us to success.

We work and workout, cook good meals, attempt to pay our bills on time and manage our stress.

What about the people we work with?

Do we hold them in high regard?

Do we blame or complain about the people around us?

The way you conduct your words and your overall attitude toward others will ultimately affect your capacity in life.

Take into consideration if you set out to set yourself up in life, the most you'll have is a good job a good house and things.

If you set out to lead others, you'll build a community, you'll have influence and can help people.

I believe this is what builds success. Success in turn is not about what one can store up for themselves, but what you can bring about in other people.

We cant bring things with us to the grave.

Its the people around us that will ultimately bury us and choose whether or not to celebrate our memory.

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