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Living Each Day Intentionally

Creatures of habit,

I am, you most likely are, I know my family is and yet we continue onward from what we once were. At some point in time we decide where the old us ends and a new us begins. Transitions are scary, but often relevant, we leave middle school to high school, high school into the world. Some of us join the military, some of us run off to college, eventually we all make if out of Mom and Dads, and although we experience some growing pains no matter the path we choose to devote ourselves to. It always turns out for the better. So why fear change?

If we know from experience that not all change is bad why not embrace it? Everyone knows the boss thats always toting "this is just the way its always been done" why does this train of thought never get challenged?

Im challenging you, right here, right now TODAY... do something. Live intentionally. Do not let another day slip by you because its how you have always lived. Your alive so make your decisions and reap your benefit of reward from living. If your already doing just that. Keep on, keep your head up and keep improving, your life as well as those around you.

This is my motivational speech of the day!

Thanks for reading!

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