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Guilty By Association

Seek to associate and talk with people who have the next thing already in order before they finish what they're on.

Moving back to Minnesota after the military, I was in a gym minding my own business working on my physical therapy movements while my husband attended a class

when an old acquaintance approached to make light conversation. Asked me how I was doing, at the time I was working on my first business Along The Way, working as an Operations Manager, and attending University.

When they had nothing to add to that side of the conversation they slyly probed as to what I was specifically working on in the gym, when I disclosed I had torn ligaments from the labrums in my shoulders, to my ACL, meniscus, and LCL in my left knee, and further spine injury from my last deployment they began smiling at me and quietly and sarcastically go "oh was that all from the military though?"

("Minnesota nice" is often a blatant insult hidden behind sarcasm deep with insinuation instead of being forward) that way they'll squid away if you call them out on it.

I realized 1. I wasn't talking to anyone who wanted well for me or mine. 2. I had blatantly fallen into this weird exchange of being too eager to answer questions.

I didn't dignify the question with an answer.

And yet I still get fired up when thinking of that conversation haha. Her intention to probe, to find something going on she could have a "one up gotchya" moment ( in her mind)...

I've learned it was completely on me feeling like I had to talk to anyone.

There will always be snakes in the grass waiting to strike to put a negative spin they have in their head. They're not conscious of it but their mindsets can be poisonous.

When they refuse to build their own lives they'll find excuses and try to drag people down to their mindset.

Avoid the hell out of these people.


Seek to associate and talk with people who have the next thing already in order before they finish what they're on.

People in troubled mindsets drag you down to their barren mindset and their world is harsh, cold, and impossible ( which is every excuse they've created to be do-nothings).

Instead find people that pull you up to share life experiences and possibilities, and meet goals ( and figure out how to be THAT person yourself! ).

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