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Finding Guidance

From the time we are born in life we are often guided one way or the other.

Whether by parents and teachers, later in life doesn't change all that much.

Where we end up is based on who or what we allow to guide us.

As children were taught certain ways to do things.

However as adults we have to make cognitive decisions that we are going to do things a certain way. That we are going to begin a new career, lose weight, pick up a new hobby.

It has to be a cognitive decision that we are indeed going to do better in life.

Finding guidance can be tricky, finding a mentor needs to be a definitive plan of attack that no matter what you are going to be a better you in the future, that you are going to sharpen skills and be the best at what you do. Next time your sitting in your office, or going over your finances, remember the decisions you have made up to this point in your life is the direct result of where your at now. So what decisions are you going to make for your future today?

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