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Breaking down Passive Income

Starting to invest is the goal with what to do with money once saved. Putting your money to work takes a fraction of your work away from you. Its like hiring your assets to do what you go to work for Lets say your monthly income is $100 and you work 100 hrs/ mo You put $100 away into an account that earns you 10$/mo now in order to maintain your monthly income you need to now only work 90 hrs a month and maintain $90 In this scenario every $100 invested would earn you another 10 hours of freedom. Some do this until they've bought all their time back, Some master this until they make more than they did at a 9-5 I coach people from the ground on how to not only get out of debt, but where to invest their money wisely I do it with NO products to sell. Which means Im not going to scam you with Annuities or Faux life insurance schemes where I penny pinch %'s away from you and your family. You can book a free 30 minute consultation with me today

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