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A practical guide on how to make goals ie. FITNESS

Everyone wants to be healthier, I don't think there is a single person out there that if they could slap on six pack abs tomorrow would pass on the opportunity. But being able to do a pull up, or run ten miles or have that sought after six pack is something not everyone even knows how to begin. So take out a notebook, sticky pad and lets practically look at this lifelong journey of a thousand steps.

1. Take the first step

Taking your first step means DO something! right now you are reading into how to better yourself *congratulations! Now what else are you going to DO? The smartest way to start any project is to research. Research methodology, workouts, diets, and seek the routine patterns of models or even everyday people you loathe.

2. Be realistic

Many people become overwhelmed with all the information that is out there on diet, fitness, building muscle, losing weight, "gaining" and "cutting" or "leaning" and "bulking" Blah! what a mess! Just realize, move more, eat healthy and you'll start seeing (and feeling) your results!

~part two of BE REALISTIC


Be realistic on not only what you can do in a day, as to not overdo yourself, but be realistic as to what you expect in your transformation! six packs are not built in a week, a matter of fact allot of the fitness models you see on the covers of magazines are usually professional athletes that have dedicated years to their bodies and thousands of dollars in supplements.

3. Know that EVERY factor counts!

One small change in your routine done everyday can have insane results in the long term. Don't drink soda, don't starve yourself, park further away from your destination to walk a little more. Rest better, and realize that your mental state emanates on the outside. Tell yourself good things, expect good things and work, you'll get there!

4. Set SPECIFIC Goals.

Again based within the realistic realm you can't set a goal of losing ten lbs by next week. However within two months 10 lbs is a very do-able goal. Keeping to a good routine of sleeping, eating right, and exercise you should have no problem within two months of this goal. If your already VERY lean, you know this will take longer and will take more dedication, so be good to yourself and never beat yourself up.

5.Cardio is not the only way to lose weight

Building muscle by lifting weights 3x's a week is also a good idea to incorporate. Muscle is an active tissue in your body and will burn calories at a higher rate than other tissue in your body.

6.Allow your body rest

When starting on a new program we often expect too much out of our bodies in too little of time, I know this last year getting back into fitness I had allot of Ego. I used to box, play basketball and was captain of my track team. Needless to say the first week back into the gym I ended up not being able to turn my head fully to the right a week after because I pushed myself with the mindset of (well Ive done this weight before). Just don't. Ease your body back into a good routine, and set aside at least 9 hrs of rest on hard workout days. Your body releases the majority of hormones it takes for your body to function correctly and for you to benefit from your workouts when you sleep.

This is just the start of your Journey to attain a new lifestyle, in the end do something about it. I will post more on workouts in the future! if you want more on changing your life one day at a time visit

Thanks for reading!

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