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5 Tips to Effectively Manage Time

I often use the term, I have time in my day for what I make time for. So what exactly does that mean? Does this mean I have time for EVERYTHING? not at all

It means I put aside my emotions, often my own wants, and whims and I strategically cut out my day.

Here are some tips I personally use to structure my own time ;

1.Know you are the boss.

Being the boss means 1 of 2 things. A. You set the schedule sure however YOU take responsibility.

Responsibility in result is imperative to understanding time management. If the result of your day leaves you frustrated, or overwhelmed, re-evaluate and come up with what to do different. Stay organized hold yourself accountable,

2. TRY try again....

Tweaking your routine will lead to a happier life overall, everyday we get another chance to restart and to try again. If today I didn't make time to exercise, where can I fit that in from now on? If I didn't make time to have dinner with my husband, what do I need to do in order to secure that time with him, to let him know he matters? Many entrepreneurs and leaders will say success is in the routine. So set aside time to plan your day, whether in the morning when your fresh, or right before bed the night before. Respect your time!

3. Keep focused

Don't stress yourself out trying to remember every detail of every day on memory alone, WRITE DOWN your immediate tasks that need to be done ASAP, then write down the regular everyday tasks that are not going to cause life to become chaotic, but can be done gradually. In the same notion I would even suggest writing down your thoughts and idea's in a notebook to be carried along. Setting aside time to write these things reduces stress. Don't let your ideas wander from you during the day, keep them!

4. Let your actions take the lead

Preparation in any operation is imperative, but now that everything is in place don't sabotage yourself. Know there is only so much you can get done in a day but don't play that short, work as if you want to grasp results.

5. Know the distractions that keep your time!

I know I excessively will talk with my husband when he is around. He's my best friend! Therefore I know I have to be disciplined in my time management. When I have important things to do it is important I not wander. I mean this physically but more importantly I must not wander from task mentally. Therefore when you set up your time to achieve a given task, do not allow yourself on ANY social media networks, turn off your cell phone and if your mind continues to wander off task, brainstorm from different angles everything to do with your task.

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